Vestergabet is a Male Choir in The Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Kristiansand. The choir was established in 1999, and has a diverse repertoire and released four albums and one single album.

  • Med Slips  (With Tie) (2008)
  • Mot nye høyder (Towards new heights) (2016)
  • Coming Home (2017)
  • My American Book of Hymns (2020)
  • Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord (2020 – single)

In addition, the choir has participated in several recordings with other artists, and has arranged several concerts and cabarets. Vestergabet has also had several Christmas concerts with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in Kilden Perfoming Arts Centre.

The majority of Vestergabet’s repertoire is written and arranged by the choir’s conductor, Jon Kleveland. The choir’s pianist and co-producer is Runar Nørsett.

Vestergabet’s latest record “My American Book of Hymns” has already caught attention online – not only in Norway.

The social environment is very important for the choir members, and you will find a well welded bunch of guys with different backgrounds and connections.